Descal-A-Matic Water Treatment System


The Descal-A-Matic magnetic, non-chemical, environmentally green water treatment units prevent and/or eliminate hard water scale & corrosion problems in water handling systems. They are applicable to once-through systems as well as to re-circulating systems, including boilers, chillers, cooling towers, direct/indirect evaporative coolers, fountains, kitchen wash systems, hospital surgical equipment sterilizers, water supply lines, and more.

The technology has been proven repeatedly over four-plus decades in business and is supported by a number of studies.  The system is unique for treating scale and mineral deposits because the magnetic core of the Descal-A-Matic units is constructed by placing cylindrical permanent magnets with like magnetic poles forced together into copper tubes. The core is then fixed into a steel housing with a 0.25″ gap between the I.D. of the housing and the O.D. of the magnetic core. Where the like poles of the magnets come together, magnetic fields are created.

Descal-A-Matic Water Treatment Process

The minerals and dissolved solids (hardness) in the water are neutralized when they pass through these magnetic fields, thereby losing their innate ability to attach to heat exchange surfaces and form typical hard scale deposits. This same effect will dissolve and remove existing elements of hard water scale over time. This is a vastly superior approach compared to external magnetic applications, which give poor results.

The Descal-A-Matic units are often used instead of conventional salt water softeners and chemical applications in main line water supply to buildings, and often eliminate the need for reverse osmosis units as well.

In addition, the Descal-A-Matic treatment reduces the surface tension in the water by up to eight percent, which provides additional benefits in preventing algae and similar growth in water features such as fountains. The initial cost of these units is their ONLY cost — no chemicals to purchase and store — and the savings are significant. The only recommended maintenance is an easy process of removing the unit every 12 months for inspection and cleaning. The Descal-A-Matic Units last literally forever.

Ion Generator

The Descal-A-Matic Ion Generator provides copper-silver ionization of water for controlling algae, bacteria, legionella and other micro-organisms.  It is used on direct/indirect evaporative cooling equipment, cooling towers, decorative water fountains, swimming pools and spas. The Ion Generator is a proven solution for controlling algae and micro-organisms in water systems, particularly those in fountains, water features and similar settings.

The Ion Generator’s pay for themselves quickly by eliminating the need to spend thousands on chemical sanitizers, algaecides and clarifiers etc. Operating costs for the ion generator’s electrical consumption averages less than 25 cents per month. Periodic oxidizing and maintaining normal water balance are all that’s needed.

Water has been successfully treated with copper and silver for centuries. The technology was perfected when NASA developed an electronic system to purify drinking water for use aboard spacecraft for the Apollo missions.

The Descal-A-Matic Ion Generator system electronically releases copper and silver ions into the water where they destroy bacteria and algae – which are then filtered out. The paybacks are real in money, time savings, better health, and the pleasure of clean pure water.

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