Process Equipment

Murtech is proud to offer a complete line of thermal treatment technologies, catalyst products, pre-filter systems, heat recovery and energy conservation systems, all backed by highly trained maintenance and service staff. The equipment is very specialized, and can offer unique cost effective solutions to ensure your company remains compliant.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

Picture 37 - RTO 4The regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO’s) offered by Murtech are available in three basic models that offer varying levels of VOC destruction for the highest possible destruction rates at the lowest cost.

Each unit is unique and truly custom designed and built to your specifications. Each can be customized based on the specific characteristics of your air stream, such as quantity, temperature, composition, and the possibility of incorporating energy conservation into the process.

Thermal Oxidizers

Picture 39 -  Combustor 1Thermal treatment of VOC’s and other air pollutants works by a simple reaction of the harmful air pollutants with oxygen and heat. In this environment the VOC’s are converted to water vapor, and usable heat. These harmless by-products are released into the atmosphere or used in an energy recovery technique to further lower the operational costs.

Murtech provides custom solutions to every application for our customers.  We start with one of several styles of units, such as recuperative thermal oxidizers or non-recuperative thermal oxidizers, silicone resistant thermal oxidizers, or with an integrated heat exchanger, which are custom engineered to exactly fit your application.

Abatement Systems

Picture 40 - Abatement 1There are several options for the abatement of CO, NOx, ammonia, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The first option is a unique abatement device designed as a combined selective catalytic reduction (SCR) NOx and CO abatement system in one convenient and integrated package.

The second is designed to remove ammonia from either a liquid waste stream or from a vapor exhaust. At the heart of the system is a unique catalytic treatment device that incorporates unique features to allow Ammonia removal from air streams with a very small percentage of NOx formation. NOx formation is further reduced by the use of secondary catalyst systems without the use of costly reactants and chemicals.


Catalytic Oxidizers

Murtech provides catalytic oxidizers that abate and treat VOCs and other air pollutants. These by-products are released into the atmosphere or used with an energy recovery technique to further lower operating costs of our clients.

Picture 43 - CO 2Though each oxidizer built is custom-designed to your specific requirements, we begin with one of three basic models:

  1. The first catalytic oxidizer is designed to handle most typical applications involving HAPS and VOCs.
  2. The second ammonia removal system incorporates features that allow for ammonia removal with a very small percentage of NOx formation.
  3. The third abatement system is custom-engineered to include both NOx and CO abatement.

Heat Exchangers and Recovery Systems

Murtech can provide a variety of heat exchanger products. A heat exchangers primary focus is in the air-to-air medium, with an emphasis on Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers and Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers. Products meet an ASME Pressure Vessel Code ratings with designs to ASME standards. This technology allows us to supply air-to-fluid heating solutions such as; water, glycol, and oil recuperators.

Murtech applies our knowledge and expertise to design and deliver an air-to-air heat exchanger for the following applications:

  • New Catalytic or Thermal Oxidation Systems
  • Retrofit and Replacement of existing heat exchangers
  • Energy Conservation Systems
  • OEM Heat Recovery Solutions
  • Indirect Heating Systems

Our solutions are part of our commitment to energy conservation and savings plans for our customers. Murtech has the expertise to assist with analysis of the most cost effective energy conservation techniques, review of total installed costs, and calculation of the expected return on investment.


Picture 47 - Incinerator 1Catalytic, thermal and regenerative thermal incinerators are designed to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), hazardous air pollutants (HAP’s), odors, and other air toxins.

Fume incinerators, sometimes referred to as oxidizers, afterburners, scrubbers, are synonymous with other common air pollution control devices. The various types of incinerators provided by Murtech include:

  • Catalytic Incinerators,
  • Thermal Incinerators,
  • RTO’s

Murtech is ready to assist with your needs for application engineering, turnkey installations, process integration expertise, energy conservation equipment, and maintenance services.

Picture 48 - Incinerator 2


Picture 49 - Incinerator 3Rotary Concentrators are designed to take large volumes of air containing a very low concentration of volatile organic compounds and adsorb these organic materials onto a zeolite adsorbent “wheel”. This wheel constantly rotates, and the concentrated VOCs are removed and treated.

A Rotary Concentration System (RCS) is a proven and effective technique for eliminating low concentration VOC’s from a variety of industrial process exhausts. The (RCS) works by absorbing VOC’s onto a honeycomb hydrophobic zeolite impregnated ceramic rotor. The clean air is then passed through the rotor and discharged to atmosphere. Typical absorption efficiencies for standard hydrophobic zeolite exceed 96%. The hydrophobic zeolite rotor continuously rotates such that the absorbed VOC’s are positioned into a Desorption section, where the VOC’s are removed from the surface of the rotor and sent to a thermal treatment system.

Murtech is proud to support, work with and represent CPI (Catalytic Products International) for process related equipment and technology.