Huber – High Precision Temperature Control Systems

Picture 51 - Huber Unit
The thermoregulation systems offered by Huber for high precision temperature control of critical manufacturing processes and lab testing are some of the most advanced technology offered in the world. The systems are available in a wide range of sizes to meet the various needs of food & beverage, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, semi-conductor and product research and test labs.

There are a large number of applications for Huber temperature control systems in the automotive industry. Typical areas of application would be; environment simulations, materials testing as well as temperature-dependent stress and loading tests for materials, gearboxes, brake systems, bearings, engine, transmission and axle parts. Other areas that would use the Huber systems are advanced proto-type research and development, test series and quality controls on batteries, rechargeable batteries and electronic components. Researchers and engineers throughout the whole automotive industry can rely on Huber for product and sub-system validation and testing with temperature control engineering from Huber.

The product lines provide a temperature range of -125deg C up to +425deg C with precise temperature control via the exclusive Huber designed Pilot ONE control system. This system allows the user to be able to set control parameters and accurately monitor the temperature changes over the prescribed time period. The results are shown real time on the 5.7” touchscreen display and can also be downloaded directly to lab computers for recording of data and graphs. The company uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant as a standard for their system and has been a pioneer in using these eco-friendly systems for 20 years.

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